New Work

2021 Avatars


Previously I considered people in landscapes or interiors as conciliatory objects. They weaken and belittle the severity and incorruptibility of the environment, provide the work with a benign coziness. Today I see the energy a figure gives. A figure attracts the attention a lot more than anything else. A landscape or an abstract image delivers a perfect projection surface, but allows little interpretation. A figurative image always tells a story. 
As I already did in my landscapes I try to achieve a balance between the artificiality of the avatars and the emotional affection they allow. The viewer is attracted and held on distance at the same time.
I always preferred new materials to create artwork from and never used materials or objects with a history. I always started from a clean canvas. I like to build my avatars from scratch and yes, they have no history and naturally they are young and only exist for the very moment.Children discover the world without scrutinizing. They reflect the adult world in their games. The young people in my scenes are exclusively dealing with themselves. No bothering adults around. Exposing their nakedness makes them vulnerable and the viewer might feel as an intruder and take a step back.