New Work

2018 Avatars - figurative work

As I already did in my landscapes I try to achieve a balance between the artificiality of the avatars and the emotional affection they allow. The viewer is attracted and held on distance at the same time.

Current Shows

Artists: Lykke Andersen, Thomas Bangsted, Morten Barker, Kelli Conell, Keith Cottingham, Filip Dujardin, Jeannette Ehlers, Peter Funch, Niklas Goldbach, Beate Gütschow, Craig Kalpakjian, Yang Yong Liang, Gerhard Mantz, Osamu James Nakagawa, Robert Overweg, Jesper Rasmussen, Johan Rosenmunthe, Eva Stenram, Myne Søe-Pedersen, Ryan Trecartin, Ebbe Stubb Wittrup.


Photography has always been closely linked to the reality it depicts. But what does it look like when, in the digital age, artists create photographs that are the result of serious manipulation on a
computer? The Photography Biennale 2018 gives us an impression of post-photographic photography. The participating artists all create amazing photographs that are almost impossible to distinguish from reality. But on closer inspection, the photos reveal the most surprising details that make us doubt whether we can entirely trust our own eyes.



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Past Shows